1) Ground Based Microgravity Facilities

a) Single Axis Clinostat

  • Reffered as the 2-D clinostat that simulate microgravity through gravity vector cancellation along its rotation axis. 
single axis clinostat
single axis clinostat
b) Random Positioning Machine (RPM)

  • Referred as the 3-D clinostat, is a microgravity simulator that is based on the principle of ‘gravity-vector-averaging’.
random positioning machine
random positioning machine

c) Automated Cultivation System (ACS)

  • Prototype developed with SIRIM.
  • Equipped with a special transparent space compartment for the growth of small plants with ventilation systems and automatic water supply system with the aim to minimize handling operation. ACS is a complement invention that is specially developed to be used together with the RPM.

automated cultivation system
automated cultivation system2
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