Solar Optical at LNO

Langkawi National Observatory (LNO) is situated on the island of Langkawi, north of Malaysia Peninsula with latitude of 6.307147°N and longitude 99.781205°E. It is equipped with 3 solar observation systems to observe the sun in different wavelengths which are white light (sunspot), Hydrogen Alpha (6562.8Å) and Calcium K-line (3933.7Å).

Imej Solar 3 Filter

This solar observation system consist of five (5) telescopes which are one (1) White-Light imaging telescope, two (2) H-alpha imaging telescopes (close-up and full disk), one (1) Calcium-K Line imaging telescope and one (1) telescope for White-Light visual observation during visits. These setups are equipped with Charge Couple Device (CCD) Camera, Video CCD Camera and also solar filters corresponding to their purpose. The solar observatory setup is a robotic system which observers were able to control the entire system through a computer.

Teleskop Solar ONL
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