Client's Charter of Remote Sensing Data Services


Providing services in a professional, efficient and courteous manner.


Providing feedback within three (3) working days.

iii.   Providing remote sensing image products within the following stipulated time-frame:
      a. In general, the product delivery based on one unit image product and the said image is readily available at MYSA:
           -   Standard Digital Products

-   System Corrected  :  2 working days

            -   Map Corrected  :  4 working days
            -   Pansharp  :  5 working days
          -   Digital Value Added Products  :  12 working days
          -   Ink Jet Printed Products  :   6-14 working days
          -   Photographic Printed Products  :  7-15 working days
      b.   Application for restricted remote sensing images is in accordance to the Security Directive Circular on Classified Geospatial Documents and an additional of 2 weeks to one month is required for security vetting process.
      c.   Application for images for the purpose of disaster management and national security will be given the utmost priority and images will be prepared within a period of 1-3 days.
      d.   Application of remote sensing data by students of higher learning institutes will be provided free of charge (for standard digital system corrected products only), with limited size based on the resolution of the requested satellite data. The delivery period of images for this purpose is within 14-30 working days.